Punching Above Your Weight

This episode delves into the underdog status of a small agency’s ability to attract, win and deliver for a big high-profile contract and the struggles that come with it.

Topics Covered

True stories from two strong successful female agency owners

Jo and Kelly talk about how they won prestigious high profile contracts when in the formative years of building their agencies. How they managed to overcome small agency perceptions and upset the odds

Themes examined include:

What objections clients raise about size and ability to service a contract, and how do you overcome them?

Differences between large and small clients, and is it dangerous or good strategy to aim for those larger wins

How hard is it to turn clients away when they aren’t suitable for you

Once the big contract is won how do you then begin to look at servicing them

Tips for small and agile agencies who are capable of delivering strong work, but are struggling to get over the line with that first big win