Picking Your Fights – Podcast Episode

Bulletproof Agency proudly presents this podcast

This episode, Andy Johnson is joined by Steve Kuncewicz (BLM Law) and Mark Stringer (AHOY Branding) at Prolific North Live, in front of a live audience, to talk about intellectual property and their experiences with trademarks, copyrights, and the occasional legal letter.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What is intellectual property?
  • Mark shares his personal experience with Barburrito.
  • How important creativity is, and how the creative community should value it.
  • Advice on the basics of when to get involved in protecting your property .
  • How does a ™ differ from ® ?
  • What happens when a big company gets your brand in its sights?
  • How long is too long to wait when defending a trademark?