Why Are You Doing This? Podcast Episode

Bulletproof Agency proudly presents this podcast.

In this episode Adam Carolan (Xentum) and Mylo Kaye (Dreamr) join Andy Johnson and a studio audience at Prolific North Live to discuss why despite all the stress and chaos, do people go into business and share their own personal business stories.

Topics covered in this episode:

Why it is important that your “why” is aligned among the people you work with and your clients

How having a business can help enhance a passion or idea and turn it into something that makes money

Adam discusses his “a-ha” moment and why he chose to pivot in his career

Balancing the risk and the chaos of business

Having a sense of purpose and being deliberate in everything you do

Taking calculated, well-informed risks

Why it’s important to regularly re-assess the “why” in your business