Growth In A Post GDPR World – Podcast Episode

Bulletproof Agency proudly presents this podcast

In this episode Steve Kuncewicz (BLM) is joined by Heather Anson (Digital Law UK) at Prolific North Live 2018 to talk about what GDPR means for agencies, and how the regulations will impact the day to day handling of personal information.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What makes GDPR different from it predecessor, the Data Protection Act.
  • What you can do to demonstrate compliance with the new rules.
  • The importance of justifying individual uses and methods of collection when handling personal data.
  • Your rights as a data subject.
  • Your responsibilities as a data controller or processor.
  • The importance of privacy by design in new digital products.
  • How and when to talk to the ICO if you are hacked or personal data is stolen.
  • Who the burden of responsibility will fall on for many of the new processes and checks.
  • The end of an era for pre-ticked boxes in online forms.